TCA’s New Head Girl and Head Boy

Published on Wednesday 11th October 2017

The Academy’s new Head Girl and Head Boy have been announced following a rigorous selection process.

 TCA’s Head Girl is Emilia Reeves and the new Head Boy is Daniel Putterill (centre), with deputies Rui Santos and Alicia Baghdouyan.

They first had to produce a statement outlining why they thought they were suitable for the position. Next they were interviewed by Principal Anne Hill and Head of Sixth Form Jess Smith before the final decision was made.

Daniel, who is studying A levels in maths, English literature and biology, said he drew on his experience of the National Citizen Scheme (NCS) for examples of the qualities he will need in his new role. He said: “I spoke about the team work which is involved in the NCS. I have also completed lifeguard training and will be starting that soon so I used that as an example of how I am confident in handling difficult situations.”

Emilia, who is taking A levels in maths, history and sociology, said: “I was team leader on my NCS course and am section leader in my police cadet force so in my interview I spoke about how I’ve taken on responsibility and how I can work with different people.”

Emilia, Daniel, Rui and Alicia will be involved in senior leadership meetings where they will feed back students’ comments and suggestions. The four will also assist with events at the Academy and speak at assemblies.

Emilia added: “This role will help to develop my confidence and skills in areas like public speaking and communication.

“I think the school has changed a lot since I have been here and I want to be a part of that change to make things even better.”