Students Visit Plasticity Conference

Published on Wednesday 11th October 2017

The history and future of metals and plastic were the subject of a special international conference that TCA students visited recently.

 A group of students went along to the International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, where Sir Tony Robinson led an interactive presentation on past and present uses of metal.

It started with a history of metal with the development of tools and swords before moving on to how metal is used today, such as in mobile phones.

Lots of scientific and technological information was interspersed with a BMX stunt display, knife-throwing, a brass band performance and an acrobat display using ship chains.

Science and product design students from Year 12 were joined by Year 11 science students at the conference, which brings industry specialists together to look at the issues surrounding these resources.

Vicky Read, from the Academy’s CEIAG department, accompanied the group and said: “The presentation looked at how we have developed metals and plastic for use in technology and the issues that come with that, such as an increase in waste.

“For our students, it gave them an insight into the various specialisms involved in metal and plastic. It attracted people from around the world who were looking at the ecological and technological issues. It was an inspirational event to get us thinking about the use of metal and the impact on the planet.”