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11-4 Victory For Year 10 Netball Team

Published on Wednesday 08th November 2017

The Year 10 netball team has celebrated its first victory after working hard to improve on passing techniques.

The team, which included two Year 9 students, chalked up a convincing 11-4 win against Neale Wade Academy in the Isle of Ely league.

PE teacher Kirstie Smith said: “This is a huge result for the team. The girls worked exceptionally hard as a team, focussing on maintaining possession of the ball. The girls’ decision-making and variety of passing improved greatly.

“The team needed to call upon Lilly Bailey and Smilte Galeniekaite from Year 9 to make up the team – both girls had a superb game.”

Congratulations to:

Chloe Allen (GA) - Very composed in front of goal.
Laura Lazda (C) - This was Laura’s first game at C, she worked her socks off.
Grace Ablett (WA) - Grace demonstrated excellent movement on and off the ball, providing a good outlet for her attacking team mates.
Lydia Ablett (GS) - Lydia had confidence in front of goal - she was on fire. She couldn’t miss.
Edita Makelyte (GK) - This was Edita’s first game and was star player.
Lilly Bailey (WD) - Lilly came into the team at very late notice and performed lots of vital interceptions for the team.
Smilte Galeniekaite (GD) - Smilte also came into the team at late notice and the combination of Smilte and Edita as a wall of defence did enough to keep Neale Wade from scoring lots more goals.