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Head Girl and Boy Impress at Wisbech 2020 Summit

Published on Thursday 09th November 2017

The Academy’s Head Girl and Head Boy got off to a flying start in their new roles by delivering a presentation to more than 100 delegates at the annual Wisbech 2020 summit.

The summit, which included MPs, prominent business representatives and community leaders, is held once a year to examine what progress has been made in the bid to regenerate Wisbech and the surrounding area.

With the summit once again being held at TCA, Emilia Reeves and Daniel Putterill were given the opportunity to address the audience and give their thoughts on Wisbech 2020. They delivered a 10-minute presentation outlining which areas of the plan they agreed with and what more could be done to support the hopes and aspirations of Wisbech’s younger generation.

Daniel said: “We are the future of the town so they wanted our opinion of Wisbech 2020 rather than just people who live outside the town.”

The plan’s original themes of live, work and visit were replaced in 2015 with infrastructure and growth, town centre, skills and education, health and wellbeing and communication.

Emilia said: “We found that we have similar ideals to that of the project, like the dualling of the carriageway and opening a train station. Wisbech is the largest town in the UK without a train station. We also agree with the idea of improving the shops and the amount of things to do.

“One of the issues we flagged up was the timeframe of the project – the idea to begin with was to get things done by 2020 but now it’s been pushed back to 2040. We might not still be in Wisbech then so we think the changes need to happen more quickly.”

Daniel agreed, saying: “They want Wisbech to be a town that people come back to; that students return to after university. These things might happen in time for the next generation but the time frame keeps being pushed back.”

The pair also told delegates how the school works with local businesses, such as Anglian Water, to ensure the future workforce is equipped with the right skills.

Daniel said he wasn’t feeling too nervous about his first important task as Head Boy – until the BBC vans started arriving to report on the event. He said: “There were more people in the audience than we thought there was going to be but after a few minutes we settled into it. We haven’t done anything like this before so it will help us with things like public speaking.”

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