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‘Spot the Difference’ Challenge at Two Universities in Cambridge

Published on Thursday 09th November 2017

Year 10 students were given the opportunity to compare two universities when they spent time at Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge.

 A group of students took part in a ‘Spot the Difference’ challenge to see what the two universities offer in terms of courses, accommodation, social life and studying.

They began by working with student ambassadors from Anglia Ruskin (ARU) to guess which university offered certain courses. They were then given cameras and had to take photographs along the two themes of accommodation and social life, and studying and learning. It gave students the opportunity to explore and experience the city, have a tour of Trinity College and compare life at the two universities. They also had the chance to question the student ambassadors.

During the second day, students worked back at TCA to design and produce an information leaflet about university aimed at their peers, to consolidate what they had learned. The leaflets included details of the types of questions the students had asked themselves.
CEIAG Ambassador Vicky Read, who led the trip, said: “The idea was to let students know that there’s a university for everyone and there are different types of universities. It gave them a chance to ask the student ambassadors about life at university and why they’d chosen the courses they had. It also provided them with information about Russell Group universities and even got them thinking about the type of campus they’d like to study in.”

Feedback from students included:
“It has made me more eager to go to university.”
“University isn’t just about education, it is also about independence.”
“It has made me more inspired to go to university.”
“Going to university would get me the best job and is a great experience to meet new people and visit places.”