TCA students take part in Business Enterprise Challenge

Published on Tuesday 18th April 2017

Some of our students recently took part in a business challenge to run their own company. High achieving students from Years 7 and 8 on the Kroto programme, took part in the event delivered by the Skills Service and supported by staff from Perkins and TCA.

They learned to make origami ducks and team members were given company roles and money to start up their business, which consisted of buying materials, making ducks and negotiating sales to buyers. 

Although the event took place over a few hours it simulated five working days, so teams had to pay wages and rent. They could also earn bonuses for good performance or be fined for breaking rules.

CEIAG ambassador Ms Vicky Read said: ‘The students really enjoyed the experience and we received really positive feedback such as: “I developed the skills of communication and money management” and “I enjoyed being able to experience what it felt like being able to run a company”.  It certainly made them think about their future and the possibilities that exist, which we aim to encourage as they progress through school.’