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More student success!

Published on Thursday 24th August 2017

Here's the second instalment of stories about our high performing students:

 Annabelle Holmes was pleased with her 8 in English literature and maths, 7 in English language as well as her 4 A*s, 1 A and 1 Distinction*.  Annabelle said ‘I am really happy with my maths result as it means I can get into my course in college.’

Kate Filart joined Thomas Clarkson Academy in  2015 from the Philippines. She said ‘I could barely speak any English when I  joined, I’m very pleased with my results! I thought I was going to fail but no. I am just so happy and so pleased with my results.’

Kate achieved an 8 in English Literature, 7 in English language, 6 in Maths as well as an A*, 3Bs, Distinction and Distinction**. Kate’s advice to fellow students is: ‘Just work hard and believe in yourself’.  Kate will be staying on in the Sixth Form to study psychology.

 Aaron Ganger said ‘I’ve done really well. It was a lot of hard work but it has paid off’. Aaron is celebrating 7s in maths and English literature, 5 in English Language, 3 As, 1 B and a Distinction. His tip for success is ‘Just keep revising, even when you feel like giving up. Keep going as it pays off!’

Aaron is staying on to study history, psychology and chemistry in our Sixth Form.