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  • Announcement from Brooke Weston Trust

    It is with great sadness that the Trustees of the Brooke Weston Trust announce the passing of Hugh de Capell Brooke. Hugh was the inspiration behind the foundation of Brooke Weston Academy and a great believer in young people’s ability to defy the odds. Hugh was passionate about providing high quality state funded education. He was a great, active and generous supporter of the work of the Brooke Weston Trust from the very start and will be sadly missed. 

  • Order uniform online

    Thomas Clarkson Academy uniform can be ordered online via our new online uniform shop.

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Our Building

Designed to promote learning and inspire, our new state of the art building is key in our endeavor to help all of students aspire to and achieve success. 

With its own rooftop terrace, living wall, performance amphitheatre and three storey elevations, our new college is one of the most exciting learning places in the country.

The footprint of the design is based on a Fibonacci curve and was the inspiration for the college’s design.

Based around the two concepts of our existing Learning Community structure and our Fenland position, the building has been designed to make sure learning opportunities are maximized and pull our environment into the classroom.
Designed by a team of top architects from 'MAKE', the school has been built from steel, concrete, brick and have horizontal strip windows to maximize the panoramic views.

Part of the existing school building has been retained and renovated to form one of five ‘fingers’ which also includes the three Learning Communities, as well as sports and theatre facilities and administration accommodation. 

These fingers fan out from a central ‘Eden’ space, positioned at the centre of the school complex. There are uninterrupted views from Eden through each of the Learning Communities to the college grounds beyond. 

Thomas Clarkson Academy also has a stunning new 500-seat theatre.

To view more images of the new Academy building click here to see a gallery.