Bulletin Board

  • Parents - Important message.

    Dear Parents, 

    Please see below a message from Cambridgeshire police in connection with enhanced policing following the Manchester bombing. We have been asked to circulate this to all schools and to request that you circulate this to parents.

    This message has also been circulated via the media.  The key message is that, at this time, there is no specific intelligence which suggests that Cambridgeshire is at risk or in receipt of any specific threat.  Please, though, ensure that your staff remain vigilant at all times and that children's safety and wellbeing continues to be of paramount importance.

  • This Morning's Be Kind Campaign

    TCA are supporting This Mornings Be Kind Campaign

  • Information for Parents

    Please be aware that it has come to our attention that many students are watching a Netflix programme called ‘13 Reasons Why’.


Welcome to Pankhurst

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we welcome you to the Pankhurst Learning Community. We have a team of dedicated staff who are prepared to nurture, support and guide you during your journey at Thomas Clarkson Academy. We will expect a great deal of you and hope that you take up the many challenges that will lead to successes both at the Academy and in the community, we are all very proud to be in Pankhurst.

Pankhurst Progress Leaders
Miss A Anderson



Pankhurst students

We are proud of the achievements of our Pankhurst students and will post details of their recent activities and successes, in and out of school, below.