Bulletin Board

  • TCA Reward Trip Day

    2016-17 trip day information and booking instructions. 

  • TCA Uniform 2016-17

    TCA Uniform 2016-17

  • Area SEND Inspection

    Ofsted and the CQC (Care Quality Commission) will be carrying out an inspection of the local area (Cambridgeshire) which focusses on how well the area meets the needs of children and young people aged 0-25 who have special educational needs or disabilities.

Student Voice

At Thomas Clarkson Academy our students have the opportunity to share opinions through our Student Voice system.

Senior Student Leaders

The 2016-17 Senior Leaders (pictured below) meet each week to discuss topics raised within tutorial discussions and weekly drop in sessions. These leaders ensure all sudents have a voice at TCA, ideas are discussed with the senior leadership team and actions are taken where nessecary. 

Junior Student Leaders

The 2016-17 Junior Leaders (pictured below) meet fortnightly with thier community tutor reps. During these meetings they collect feedback from the weekly discussion topics raised within each tutor group. This feedback is then passed to the Senior Student Leaders to ensure all opinions are considered fairly. 

All students can speak to the eight Senior Student Leaders during the Have Your Say drop in sessions which take place every Friday breakfast and lunch in Eden. 

If you would like more infomation regarding the TCA Student Voice, contact our Assistant Principal, Miss J Smith