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  • Session 5 Update

    Session 5 review: Updated session 5 directory including changes to bus transport for bus students only. Please see attached directory and parent letter. Students will also recieve a hard copy of this information on either Thursday 20th October or Friday 21st October during tutor time. 

  • Maths Video Tutorials

    Have a look at these great Maths videos to brush up on various topics before your exams.

  • Trip Day!

    Wednesday 20th July 2016 is Thomas Clarkson Academy's Trip Day

Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Thomas Clarkson Academy

I am delighted to be Principal of an Academy that puts learning and individual achievement at the heart of everything it does. Every Thomas Clarkson student is special. I want each student to succeed; to gain the best possible qualifications and become confident, thoughtful young people so they leave us prepared for the future challenges of an exciting and increasingly global world.

I expect students to benefit from increasingly good teaching where staff are encouraged to continuously enhance their teaching skills; where there is an excellent standard of student care and where high aspiration pervades the core of this magnificent building. Students can also expect to develop the important skills of leadership, teamwork and co-operation through participation in a broad range of opportunities beyond the classroom such as sport, art, drama and community service.

I also expect students to work hard, to keep trying when the going gets tough and together we will celebrate their achievements, whatever their ability level. We know that learning is at its best when staff, students and parents work closely together. Academy personnel also know the benefits to be gained from working closely with the community and local businesses.

On behalf of the staff may I say that we look forward to meeting with you and seeing you at as many Academy events as possible. It is a privilege to be sharing the responsibility of educating the young people in your care.

  • Learning Communities

     All students belong to one of our three Learning Communities. They are each named after an inspirational figure.

    Use these tabs to find out more about each Learning Community and to visit their dedicated pages.

  • King

     King is named after Dr Martin Luther King, who is best known for fighting for civil rights for the poor and black people of the United States and for his iconic 'I Have A Dream' speech.

    To view our King Learning Community page click here.

  • Madiba

     Madiba is named after Nelson Mandela, the former South African President. Madiba is his clan name and is used as a respectful title.

    To visit the Madiba Learning Community page click here.

  • Pankhurst

     Pankhurst is named after Emmeline Pankhurst, who led the British suffragette movement which helped women win the right to vote.

    To visit the Pankhurst Learning Community page click here.

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