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Year 11 maths assessment update

Yr 11 GCSE maths students will have mini class assessments after Easter, for which the timetable will be shared soon. 

  • You will have 3 papers, 45 mins each (1 Non-calculator and 2 calculator papers)
  • All questions will be ONLY from the topics that are listed below
  • Students can use their revision guide & workbook provided by the school & Hegarty Maths to revise these topics.
  • All Easter/Saturday intervention sessions will be focussing on these topics only.

Please contact Mrs Timothy Nicholas (Head of Maths) for any queries.

Higher Non Calc

Higher Calc 1

Higher Calc 2

Nth term of a linear sequence

Product of prime factors/LCM

Index Laws/Solving inequality

Types of graphs

Proportion and Ratio

Error Interval

Profit/Loss percentage

Trigonometric Ratios

Tree diagram

Stem and leaf diagrams

Pythagoras theorem/Area of compound shape

Calculating Mean

Standard form

Box plots

Volume of prism

Fractional and negative powers/writing as powers


Combined transformation

Mass, Density, Volume

Sine rule/cosine rule

Inequality regions

Equation of a perpendicular line

Describing transformations

Recurring Decimals

Changing the Subject

Turning point

Histogram - Calculating mean


Growth and Decay

Area of enlarged shape

Vector Argument and Proof (parallel lines)

Translation and Reflections of a Function

Ratio and Fractions

Ratio - Problem solving (Ratios of ratios)




Foundation Non-Calc

Foundation Calc 1

Foundation Calc 2

Ordering decimals


Converting Metric Units


Collecting Like Terms

Fractions and Percentages

Place Value

Using Powers

Ordering Numbers


Bar graphs

Fractions and Ratio Problems

Ratio to fraction/1:n

Using scales to convert units

Order of Operations


Volume of cuboid

Angles in Polygons


Checking Calculations

Perimeter of 2D Shapes

Solve Proportion Problems


Ratio and Proportion (Best buy)

Fractions and Percentages

Proportion and Ratio

Construction of triangle

Expanding/Factorsing/Solving equations

Fractions and Ratio Problems

Express One Quantity as a Percentage of Another/Percentage change/Reverse %

Multiplying Fractions

Product of prime factors/LCM

Relative Frequency

Congruent Triangles

Solve Proportion Problems

Simplify Indices/Solve Linear Inequalities One Variable

Alternate and Corresponding Angles

Trigonometric Ratios

Error Intervals

Kinematic formulae

Area of Composite Shapes

Tree diagram

Ratio and Fractions (a:b:c)

Finding the gradient

Mass, density, volume