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Eurovision inspiration

What does Unicorn, Tattoo and a Heart of Steel have in common?

They are not just a random selection of words, but the titles of songs which have made it through to the finals of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The second semi-final takes place on Thursday and we will then discover the final line-up for Saturday's big event in Liverpool. It's still all to play for with countries already through including Ukraine, which won last year, and the UK as we are hosting the event.

Among the favourites to win this year, Sweden is right up there with the song Tattoo while Finland's Cha Cha Cha is in second spot.

If all this music has inspired you, then how about grabbing a good book with a musical connection?

Our library has some great titles, with authors including Stormzy and content including a love of musicals to novels related to music in some way.

So, before Making Your Mind Up or Running Scared, you should Rise Like a Phoenix and create a Fairytale with some Boom Bang-a-Bang and All Kinds of Everything.