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Little Rebels Award 2023

The Little Rebels Children's Book Award is now in its eleventh year and we have shortlisted titles available to borrow from our library.

The awards are aimed at recognising the rich tradition of radical publishing in the UK and is currently only for fiction writers.

The award winners will be announced at a London awards ceremony next month, so you have plenty of time to read some of those titles in the running.

Fight Back is an empowering story about finding your identity and having the courage to fight for it. It is the story of Aaliyah, a 13-year-old Muslim living in the East Midlands where she has felt at home, until a terrorist attack takes place.

The Secret of Haven Point is the story of the Wrecklings who make a living by looting from passing ships. The lighthouse is a ramshackle home for any disabled person who needs somewhere to belong, and it comes under threat of discovery.

Needle is centred on Charlene, a demon knitter, who lives with a foster family and finds herself sucked into the criminal justice system and is told to say sorry, which she's never done in her life.

Ajay and the Mumbai Sun follows a boy who wants to be a journalist and finds an abandoned printing press. With his friends, Ajay creates a newspaper and fights to save their slum from the bulldozers.

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