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Be inspired by Kindness Day

If you can choose to be anything - be kind, and celebrate UK and World Kindness Day on Monday, November 13.

The day aims to celebrate and promote good deeds while pledging acts of kindness, although there's no need to only be kind on one day!

The Mental Health Foundation has carried out research which shows kindness has a positive impact on mental health - both on the person being kind and the one receiving kindness. It's a win-win.

The 2020 research showed kindness is an antidote to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. It also helps to reduce stress and can even improve confidence and optimism.

There is even a list of 50 random acts of kindness, choose one for each day - it will make a difference. The list is here and there's going to be something to inspire you on UK and World Kindness Day.

You can always find a title in the academy library which could just encourage you to make the change and to help you encourage others to be more kind too.