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Parents - Important message.

Dear Parents, 

Please see below a message from Cambridgeshire police in connection with enhanced policing following the Manchester bombing. We have been asked to circulate this to all schools and to request that you circulate this to parents.

This message has also been circulated via the media.  The key message is that, at this time, there is no specific intelligence which suggests that Cambridgeshire is at risk or in receipt of any specific threat.  Please, though, ensure that your staff remain vigilant at all times and that children's safety and wellbeing continues to be of paramount importance.

“I write to offer an update on policing and partnership activity taking place in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough following Monday’s attack in Manchester.
The key change is that of the elevation of the national threat level to “Critical”, which was determined yesterday evening by the Prime Minster
It remains that we do not have any Cambridgeshire-specific threat at this time. However, we play our part in ensuring national capacity and capability during this heightened period, balanced with sustaining day-to-day policing services effectively.
Immediately after the notification from  “COBR” of a change in threat , Police and partners across the country began reviewing standing plans and made informed decisions about local deployments.
At this time in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, we will continue to deliver the activities described yesterday, notably: Enhanced patrolling of iconic sites, locations of strategic importance and public spaces and engaging communities disproportionately affected by events to provide information and reassurance.
We have scoped and will continue to look forward in terms of events and activities to ensure the right assets in the right places to deliver agreed objectives.
We are prepared to respond quickly and cohesively locally, regionally and nationally to any changing circumstances.
As you may be aware, some areas of the country –notably London and Manchester- have seen the deployment of military staff to assist in providing armed security at locations of strategic importance that would usually be attended by armed police. By doing this, armed police officers with particular skills and training are then freed to help contribute to national level policing capacity. This is part of a menu of options that be considered when the threat level is elevated. There will not be any deployment of military assets in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough at this time.
Public messaging remains about vigilance, reporting of suspicious activities and that throughout this period we work to retain a sense of normality but elevated preparedness.
I will continue to provide updates, but extend the offer to raise any questions you may have.
Kind regards
T/Insp 338 Keren POPE
Counter Terrorism and Organisational Preparedness, Property office staff, Engagements, ASB and ECINS”