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Computer science students explore Virtual Reality

The introduction of Virtual Reality equipment and software has enabled A level Computer Science students to explore this evolving technology.

Along with looking at different coding techniques, programming languages and technology, students have been studying algorithms and using 3D modelling software.

The Year 12s are working on their projects with themes such as: developing a system to look at coastal erosion, with one student building a programme that simulates waves and tides to map out what the coastline will look like over time.

Another student is creating a landscape generator for computer games that provides diverse world environments and allows for new game play experience every time.

Dr Jones, Head of Computer Science, said he wanted to introduce VR to provide students with insight into current developments in industry, innovation of emerging technologies and to increase employment opportunities.

“VR is changing traditional modes of working in many areas of industry, business and research,” he said. “It has had a huge impact on industrial design, providing more intuitive ways to produce new things, reducing production time, improving safety and supporting positive environmental change. Introducing students to VR serves to support their career opportunities and provide a fun and challenging aspect to the Computer Science course.”

“The students have taken to it and got to grips with it very quickly.”

Students have visited Anglian Water and other companies to see how Virtual Reality is used in the world of work.