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Online careers service relaunched to all students

With careers being the focus of tutor time this term, an online service which helps students explore different careers has been relaunched to all year groups.

All students should now have their log-in details for  Kudos, which can be accessed from home including on tablets and phones.

There are four starting points for students accessing Kudos: take the test to find your perfect career; explore subjects; explore work areas; and explore careers. TCA’s Careers Leader Mrs Read recommends students focus on the personality and skills assessments firsts, then explore where particular subjects can take you.

A user's guide to Kudos
Parents' guide to Kudos

For each career option, students can explore:

  • Job prospects – is it a good career to be considering?
  • Pay & opportunities – what salary can you expect to earn?
  • How do I become – what is the best way or ways to  get into this career?
  • What will I do? – what will be your day-to-day tasks?
  • What subjects will you need to study?

Kudos gives students information they need to make important decisions about future careers and what subjects, courses and training they can do to reach their career destination. For those who are unsure of what careers they might be interested in, Kudos can give ideas based on what they like and dislike.

The online system is personalised and also includes a CV builder.