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COVID-19 updates & information

April 26th 2021

Lateral flow home testing kits: Information & guidance on how the test should be completed:

Positive COVID-19 cases – March 24th

We have received confirmation of two positive COVID-19 cases in Year 7, resulting in some students being asked to self-isolate.

We encourage parents/carers to continue with the twice-weekly home testing over the Easter holidays and to record the test results on the government website (see below) and also notify the school whether the result is positive, negative or void.

Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result:

Click here for information for parents/carers regarding the re-opening of school.

Click here to read our expectations around behaviour, uniform and attendance. 
At a glance:

•    At TCA our behaviour expectations remain the same as the autumn term with year group bubbles forming the learning community.
•    Pupils are to arrive on site no earlier than 8:10am and enter school building at 8:25am as directed by duty staff wearing face masks.
•    We also expect students and staff to wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing whenever possible.

Face coverings

It is mandatory for every student to be wearing a face covering on arrival at school and to wear a face covering in ALL inside areas except classrooms unless they have a specific medical exemption.  Sanctions will be applied in line with our Behaviour Policy if students fail to do so, as was the case during the Autumn Term. 

From 8th March 2021 to the Easter Holidays, students and staff will also be encouraged to wear a face covering in the classroom where 2-metre social distancing is not possible.  This is an additional control measure to mitigate infection and protect others.  The wearing of face coverings in classrooms is highly recommended but not mandatory, and therefore sanctions will not be applied if students choose not to wear a face covering in classrooms.

Teachers have a two-metre zone marked around them classrooms, so do not need to wear a face covering in class unless they choose to do so, or will be moving around the class.  

A face covering is not required to be worn by students when outside in their bubble for active lunch or during PE.   

Students must wear a face covering when moving around the corridors of their own bubble community and when leaving their bubble areas and entering communal spaces, unless they have a specific medical exemption.  For example, lesson transition to specialist classrooms, going to the restaurant to collect lunch or to use the toilet facilities etc.  Again, sanctions will be applied in line with our Behaviour Policy if students fail to do so, as was the case during the Autumn Term. 

PE/Dance kit

Students can wear their full TCA PE kit (as published in the student planner) to school on days when they have a PE/Dance lesson. No alternative items of clothing are allowed as 'PE kit'. This will be for the period up to Easter and will be reviewed.

Click here to view a letter to parents regarding PE uniform expectations. 

COVID testing: Walkthrough video



After-school clubs

After-school clubs will resume w/c March 15th - click here to view a directory of what's on offer after school.

Please follow this link for further information regarding re-opening of BWT schools.