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Students' return to school

All year groups are now back at school following weeks of learning from home. We spoke to some Year 10 students about how they felt about the return to school:

“I found the online learning okay but I know some students would have found it hard for their mental health. I was a bit nervous about coming back but the wellbeing lessons helped.”
Harry S

“I feel more energised being at school and being with people rather than being in a room at home. I’d missed being in an educational environment – it’s harder to focus at home. I was a bit nervous about coming back because I hadn’t really seen people for a while but it was just a case of getting on with it.”
Phoebe R

“I’m more motivated in school. It’s been nice to get back into a routine, to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I’m glad to be back.”
Gabriele P

“I’d got into online learning but I feel better coming back to school and seeing my friends. It’s easier to focus on the work. Once we’d done the first day back, it was back to normal.”
Chloe H