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British Science Week

A celebration of advancements in science and the career possibilities in this field is the focus of TCA’s postponed British Science Week.

This year’s theme is Innovating for the Future and students have been challenged with a STEM project - presenting their idea of how to innovate for the future; sharing an example of problem-solving using science; or researching a scientist who currently works on innovations in one of the areas of their interest.

Staff spoke to students about recent achievements in science, including the development of a coronavirus vaccine and the landing of the Mars Rover.

Key Stage 3 students were set science at home challenges, including making a lava lamp, exploring surface tension, an egg drop challenge and creating a density challenge.


Year 12 and 13 took part in the British Biology Olympiad while our Year 12 physics students picked up awards in the British Physics Olympiad.

Along with tutor time quizzes and a virtual STEM careers fair, students have also heard talks by Mairenn Atwood, a zoologist from University of Cambridge who researches the behaviour of African Cuckoos in Zambia, and Joanna Piotrowska, an astrophysicist from University of Cambridge who researches evolution of galaxies.

There were also some outdoor science demonstrations to spark students’ interest. They included demonstrations with dry ice (carbon dioxide frozen at -80°C), highlighting changes between solids, liquids and gas. The students also learned how carbon dioxide can cause oceans to become more acidic - a great opportunity for students to see how topics they cover in lesson look in practice.

British Science Week is dedicated to celebrating amazing advancements in science as well as raising awareness of issues scientists face and the careers that benefit from having a knowledge of science.

TCA is grateful to have received funding from the British Science Association to support its Science Week activities.