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Our library is fully open

There is absolutely no excuse for not having a good book now that our wonderful academy library is fully open.

Students are welcome from 8am to 8:25am (Tuesday to Friday), breaks and lunchtime for quiet study or reading - and sixth formers can come in when they don’t have scheduled lessons.

Borrow up to four books at a time for free and they can be on loan for two weeks. Each one will need to be scanned before being taken from the library.

There are also PCs which can be used for both schoolwork and homework, along with a printer, just ask at the desk.

The library team is also open to suggestions for new books to be added to our collection, you can do that via this link:

Our books have stickers on their spine with the initial letter of the author’s surname and red, blue or yellow circles relating to Accelerated Reading and if there’s a quiz available. Each book also has a main category sticker, but don’t forget that some books fall into several.

As we return to our regular hours, please remember to use the hand sanitiser both as you enter and leave.