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Joining forces to share cultures across the continents

Cross-cultural bridges are under construction at our academy as we are joining forces with an education counterpart in India.

As part of the international project, our students created amazing artwork for a Rangoli which was on display in the main building. A Rangoli is a traditional form of decoration used to welcome guests, specially around the Hindu festival of Diwali which was recently celebrated.

We are enriching the cultural capital of our students by linking with a school in India and learning from each other in the initiative led by Preetha Raj, head of science.

Although the pandemic delayed the whole process, we are delighted to be working in this partnership and look forward to sharing cultures with all our students across both continents.

Our students made a beautiful Rangoli as part of learning more about traditions in India around the time of Diwali which is an important festival in the Hindu calendar.

The collaboration with the Narayana Vidyalayam school in a city called Nagpur in central India came about as a relative of Mrs Raj is a teacher there and made contact when the school was looking for a partner.

Our first project was based around Diwali and different departments within the academy incorporated different themes into the curriculum with mask-making in art, the history of fireworks in science and the religious aspect of the festival in Religious Education.

A virtual meeting with teachers from both schools has already been held and ideas shared for further collaborative activities for students from both continents.

We are very much looking forward to working together and for our students to gain a wider understanding of a culture very different from most of their own. It is through learning we can enhance relationships and ensure the future of our multi-cultural life is in safe hands.