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Learning life-saving skills

Sixth form students have been learning life-saving skills alongside their usual studies.

None of the group had administered first aid before taking part in a special course which taught them a range of skills from CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to the Heimlich manoeuvre - used to clear airways of people choking.

The course was organised as part of our enrichment programme which focuses on developing sixth formers in skills aside from their academic learning.

“It was extremely useful,” said student Andrian Parfenovics

“I have realised how easy it is to administer help in an emergency situation and how little I knew about it, now I recommend everyone participates in a first aid qualification course,” he said.

There are plans to run a further course for mental health first aid, so the students can become ambassadors for the subject and support their peers.

“None of the students had used first aid before, but some of them work in a local pharmacy and at the swimming pool as a lifeguard, so already had some experience. Some of the students also want to pursue a career in medicine and health care, so the course was very well received,” said Miss Hornby, Head of Sixth Form.

Student Alisha Cox said she thought everyone should learn basic first aid.

“Especially young people because you never know when someone could have a fall, or burn themselves - or even have something more drastic like a heart attack. Younger people are often out and about and could be there just at the right moment,” she said.