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Maths skills success for James

Sixth former James Youngs has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for his maths skills in a senior Kangaroo.

With 20 problems to solve in 60 minutes, James was invited to take part in the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo and is our first student to achieve a Merit for his work - only 25 per cent of participants receive the grade.

The event is an invitational follow-on to the Senior Maths Challenge and students had to achieve a qualifying score to take part.

James, 17, is currently studying for A levels in maths, further maths and computer science and plans on heading to university when he leaves the academy.

The Kangaroo is organised by the UK Mathematics Trust which works to advance the education of maths and was founded in 1996. More than 700,000 students take part in the junior, intermediate and senior maths challenges each year.