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University Insights for our academy students

The bright lights of a big city were on the agenda for a group of our students who spent a day at the world-renowned Cambridge University.

Year 7 students were taking part in the Insight Discover scheme which aims to develop key academic skills to support them in their work. It also provides students with the chance to explore different options for their future and the path they need to follow.

They visit the university and take part in workshops as well as visiting an exhibition at the city’s historic Kettles Yard.

Internationally famous artist Ai Weiwei has presented an exhibition at the venue which explores truth and values alongside the pandemic and current geopolitical problems.

The antiques in the galleries were acquired by the artist at an auction in Cambridge in 2020 and he has identified some as original pieces from 386-543CE and others as copies.

Despite being our closest city and in the same county as our academy, the number of bicycles and electric cars caused discussion among the group.

“It was a brilliant day and our students were so enthusiastic throughout the whole day, getting actively involved in all the tasks from the workshops. They threw themselves into everything, from brainteasers to practical tasks,” said Miss Robinson, who joined the trip.

The Insight Discover project works with students to the end of Year 8 and includes e-mentoring, where undergraduates support participants for four weeks. Each project culminates in a Showcase when students have the chance to share their work and share it with others.