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Team building trip for resilient sixth formers

Team building and resilience were just two of the outcomes of a recent trip organised for our sixth formers.

The whole-year cohort made the journey to Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire to learn new skills while having a good time at the specialist centre.

“I am so proud of how the students adopted such a positive attitude while being challenged in all kinds of new ways,” said Head of 6th Form Mrs Hornby.

The group members were pushed out of their comfort zone during some of the activities, but they all responded positively and achieved things they would never have thought, she added.

Mr Edwards, second in 6th Form said: “The PGL trip was an absolute blast. I was so impressed with how the students embraced the challenges they faced, and how well they supported each other. It was genuinely heartening to see them create new connections and get on as a collective group.”

Among those who took part was Gabriele in Year 12 who had been initially reluctant to go along.

“The activities like climbing and the evenings where we all spent time together, with each other and teachers, were the best part. I learnt that if I push myself, I can achieve things I didn’t think possible,” she said.

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