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Review magazines offer help to exam year students

If you are in your GCSE or A Level year, visit our library for help with subject reviews.

There are copies of magazines to be used in the library - they are all on exam year subjects and the latest edition can be found in the purple folders in the upper school library section.

Using these resources can help deepen your subject knowledge with topical articles, research and fresh case studies.

The reviews also help develop independent study skills and include material extending beyond the core resources - so prepare for success and have a look.

At least three in-print copies are available throughout the year for each subject, with some having four editions.

There are also issues and updates between the editions with the 'Magazine Extras' which can be found on the website

These include key topic worksheets, revision presentations to explain important topics, weblinks for further research and revision exercises. There are also podcasts, videos and everything you need to help your studies.

The library is open daily during break and lunch and KS5 students have additional access during any period without a timetabled lesson.