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STEM students learn about eating healthy food

Every stage of the food we eat, from growing in the field to packaging and recycling, has been examined by a group of our students working to a different curriculum for a week.

Year 7 took a closer look at food and healthy eating as part of their science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) studies which saw them visit a farm, supermarket, packaging company and a recycling centre.

Manea farmer James Hawes, at Westfield Farms, took students through the production of potatoes including storage methods to keep them fresh. The science behind farming, with selective breeding and the role of the industry in protecting biodiversity was also discussed.

And the National Farmers Union supported the visit by providing stationery and stickers for the students.

There was also a trip to the waste recycling site at Waterbeach, operated by Amey, where students learned how food waste and packaging is recycled. The importance of preserving resources by recycling was reiterated and the group also saw computer-guided machinery sorting waste at the plant.

It was back to Wisbech for a visit from local packaging company Coveris when the science behind food preservation and packaging was highlighted. The students were also given a challenge to design their own packaging with a pair of cinema tickets presented to the creator of the winning design.

And there was a trip to Morrisons in the town to check out food prices of basic ingredients and the best way to budget. They were given a small amount of money to buy fruit to create fruit skewers.

“It was a great week and we all learnt a lot about our food and what happens to it. By focusing on one area, we can illustrate how different subjects across the curriculum are linked. Food and healthy eating allowed them to explore science, maths, engineering and technology within the subject heading and it worked really well,” said Mr Tarsitano, Director of STEM.

Back in the academy, students had the chance to cook their own spaghetti bolognese to take home and share with their families.