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Students learn from resident artist Roland

A fantastic piece of new work will be adorning a wall in Eden thanks to an artist’s recent residency with us.

Students were encouraged to make their own mark on a huge mural-style piece which has been created by Peterborough artist Roland Burt who was the school’s artist in residence.

Together they have created the work which is destined for a wall in the academy’s fantastic space at the heart of the academy.

“It’s been a great experience working with such open minded students. They have been like sponges, learning and enjoying a different way of learning the basic life skills, embodied within their everyday subjects such as English and maths,” he said.

Roland works under the name Djibo Art and has exhibited extensively - he describes himself as a ‘cultural magpie.’


The students were encouraged to use alternative methods of adding to the artwork, using not just brushes, but utensils like forks.

“Having a resident artist makes a real difference, the students learn a great deal from being able to work with people like Roland,” said Tahlia Armstrong, art teacher.

Roland was the academy’s resident artist and spent several sessions with different year groups during his stay in Wisbech.