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Meet our new champions

An amazing group of students have signed-up to become Mental Health Champions for our academy.

Assemblies were held across all our year groups, and pupils were keen to become part of the project which aims to help them look over their own mental health, and that of their friends.

“We will equip them with the tools and skills they need to manage stress and anxiety, build resilience, and improve their overall mental health and wellbeing,” said Hayley Davies, School Counsellor and Mental Health Lead.

The students have now all ‘graduated’ as Mental Health Champions and received their identification lanyards, pin badge and certificate.

The academy is committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the whole school community, appointing Hayley full-time as a counsellor.

“We acknowledge the role of good mental health in enabling students to access and maximise all the opportunities that good quality education can provide,” said Principal Mr Scott.

“We aim to support our students during their time with us and have identified various sources we can utilise. The most important thing is that students know they can talk to someone, whatever the worry,” he added.