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Celebrating Firebreak success

Firefighters were called to our academy - but not to deal with a blaze or an emergency incident, it was for a much happier occasion.

Students from the Thomas Clarkson Academy have been taking part in a special scheme working with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue to learn new skills to help them in the future.

And they were all successful in passing out from the Firebreak programme, so a special ceremony was held to celebrate their achievements.

“This is an accredited programme recognised by the AQA (Assessment and Qualities Alliance) and serves as a useful qualification for students to have on their CV at such a young age,” said Mr Chamberlain, director of KS3 behaviour and attendance.

“Throughout the week the students learned about fire safety, first aid, planning and executing tasks while working as a team to develop their personal and social skills. They did themselves and all of us proud,” he added.

“The staff were complimentary about the resilience and determination the young people showed in challenging circumstances. Their development throughout the week has had a positive impact on their approach to school.”

The fire and rescue service describes the five-day course as ‘intensive’ and it sees the students work within the structured and disciplined environment of a uniformed service.

“It is always an exceptionally proud moment when they receive their certificates from a senior member of the fire service,” said Odette Tattersall, youth intervention officer for the service.

“All of the students showed off their skills with a passout parade witnessed by friends and families. They all passed the required elements of the course, acquiring two AQA awards in Firefighting and Good Citizenship, and Emergency First Aid,” she added.

The Firebreak course offers students aged between ten and18 the chance to engage with firefighters who have been trained to become instructors. They are positive role models and support the group to build positive and trusting relationships.