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Plenty of choices on offer at our careers fair

Future professions, further and higher education were all on the agenda for students at our academy when we hosted a recent Careers Fair.

Local companies joined universities and the armed forces to offer a range of future options for the group ranging from Year 8 to Year 11.

The College of West Anglia brought along a Giant African Land Snail to meet students - he is part of the CWA family at its Cambridge campus which offers a variety of courses on animal care.

Local companies included Knowles Transport, which had some great prizes on offer throughout the event.

“It was enjoyed by everyone and it was great to see so many students interacting with the exhibitors. Some were very generous and offered prize draws, including Amazon vouchers and confectionery,” said Mrs Smith, Careers Leader.

“We are very grateful for the continued support from employers, training providers, colleges and universities,” she added.

Parents and carers were also invited for the first time, with an afternoon session made available so they could also take a closer look at potential next steps.

The Year 10 students also took part in a week of work experience before the half term break and the 200-strong  group did themselves proud.

“It was great to hear such positive feedback from the students and their employers when visits were made by academy staff,” said Principal Mr Scott.

“Many of the students expressed their desire to remain on placement, as they were enjoying their time so much, and some have secured part time employment in the holidays or in the future. Overall, the feedback from employers has been amazing,” he added.