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Braving the sponge to raise money for prom night

It's not everyday you see a member of the Senior Leadership Team wearing swimming goggles and locked in the stocks.

But then it's not every day that you are fundraising for the annual prom and voting for teachers to be subjected to wet sponge throwing. Safe to say Mr Dobbing might not be so quick to volunteer next year!

Along with Mr Vine and Mr Townsend, he polled enough votes to ensure he was a bit wet by the end of school on Wednesday.

Students had to pay to cast a vote from a shortlist of 17 ‘volunteers’ willing to be sponged during lunch break, and the event raised around £300 which will go towards the prom night being held later in the year. The top three 'winners' were sent to the stocks.

Head of Year nine, Mr Townsend was top of the wet sponge poll and the first to get a soaking, followed by Mr Dobbing, Senior Vice Principal and Mr Vine, Raising Standards Leader for Year 10 and PE teacher.

Mr Townsend received more than a quarter of all the 476 votes cast and was a clear winner with 137. Mr Dobbing polled 102 and Mr Vine came in at 85.

The whole event was overseen by Mr Tarsitano who was delighted not to be in the stocks, but was able to offer moral support from the (very dry) sidelines.

So far a grand total of £700 has been secured for this year's prom night.