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Junior Maths Challenge for our number-crunching students

The numbers game proved no problem for a group of our students who took part in a recent maths contest.

The Junior Maths Challenge was taken-up by a large group of students across two year groups, and we are celebrating their success.

Two gold award winners will be taking part in an invitation-only maths Kangaroo after being awarded gold and best in year. Michael K (Yr8)  and Naomi K (Yr7) will be taking part in the next round at the beginning of June.

Other gold winners were Fletcher C in Yr 8 and Finley S in Yr 7.

“We are very proud of our mathematicians and their success this year is testament to their dedication and competitive spirit,” said Mrs Stevenson, maths teacher and numeracy co-ordinator.

“We also wish our Kangaroo team the very best for their next round.”

The Junior challenge sees a range of problems to test maths reasoning, precision of thought and fluency of concepts and calculations. The students are not allowed to take any measuring instruments, including squared paper, into the test.

A total of 25 questions are on offer, with more points awarded for those from 13 to 25  than from the first dozen. They were all multiple choice, but the group had just an hour to do as many as they could.

Organised by the UK Mathematics Trust, the challenge was taken remotely by schools around the country on Thursday, April 25. There are also challenges for other age-ranges, intermediate and senior, which are taken at different times in the academic year

Test your maths knowledge with three questions from April’s challenge - no cheating, put the calculator away!


  1. A drink is made by mixing one part of cordial with four parts of water. What percentage of the drink is cordial?

A) 20 B) 25 C) 40 D) 75 E) 80


  1. Which of the following has the same remainder when divided by 3 as it does divided by 4? 

             A) 7 B) 11 C) 17 D) 19 E) 25


  1. When you cut a regular hexagon into two pieces with a single straight cut, you get two polygons. Which of the following shapes cannot be obtained?

          A) Triangle B) Quadrilateral C)Pentagon D) Heptagon E) Octagon


The solutions, and how they’re reached, can be seen here: