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Students and Parents Attend Revision Workshops

More than 100 Year 11 students attended revision workshops to help them make the most of the remaining weeks left before they sit their exams.

Some students took part in workshops with Keven Hayes which focused on peer pressure and how to avoid negative pressures to focus on study.
Others focused on building confidence and staying confident under pressure.
All students revisited the ‘brain dump’ revision technique.
There were also five sessions that parents and students could attend together to reinforce the message of support.Year 11 Raising Standards Leader Lisa Tarsitano said: “We had good feedback from parents. One parent who attended said it was incredibly useful and she suggested running the workshops to more parents so that they know how to help their children at home earlier in their GCSE studies.”

Here’s what our students had to say about the workshops:

“Inspirational” - Adeana Reeve

“The ‘brain dump’ revision was brilliant – the evaluation of my life was extraordinary” – Leon Jones

“It helped me to think in a different way” - Neringa Varvolyte

“I’ve learnt that my peer group affects the way I act unless I take control” - Louise Roberts

“It’s taught me to be more confident to do what I want to do and not worry about what anyone thinks” - Hallie Burford

“It showed me how to take control of my learning” - Alesha Keegan

“It taught me not be influenced by embarrassment” - Lillie Barker

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