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5 Weeks To Go: Head of Humanities Offers Revision Advice

Teaching staff have been sharing their advice in the lead up to GCSE exams and this week, our Head of Humanities Cathy Abrahams offers some tips about how students can best prepare.

She said: “I would highly recommend that students use the PiXL History and PiXL Geography apps along with the revision guides that have been handed out in class. As part of their exam preparation, students should revise the key words and key concepts. We also encourage students to use their teachers as a resource for any areas where they may need further help.

“Students should create a revision resource from the notes they have made in class and we suggest narrowing down pieces of text to five words in order to help them remember the information. 
“There are lots of online resources to help students create a revision plan or they can ask their teachers for help in creating one. Flash cards are one way of revising and you can make ones of your own by picking up index cards on a ring in places like the pound shops. 

“It’s important that students know their exam dates. On the day, students should answer every question, even the ones they may not be sure about. Just try your best!”