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Overnight Stay at the University of Cambridge

An overnight stay at the University of Cambridge gave a group of Year 10 students a unique experience of university life.

The trip, which was sponsored by the University of Cambridge and Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (NEACO), was designed to encourage students to consider higher education options and career possibilities.

One of the most popular aspects of the trip was the ‘locked room’ challenge, where students had to work out how to escape from two specially-themed rooms – an Egyptian tomb and an Armageddon-themed room. It proved to be a test of their teamwork skills and problem-solving abilities.

Next the group headed to Trinity Hall College where they were given an introduction to university life before taking part in a treasure hunt around the campus, learning about the different subjects offered at the university along the way.

The group spent the night in student accommodation and the following day, they met with some of the university’s students to gain an insight into life at the University of Cambridge.

CEIAG Ambassador Vicky Read, who led the trip, said: “From previous experience, we know that students who were given the chance to stay overnight were inspired to aim for university because it gives them confidence. It’s the reassurance that they know what it’s all about and what it’s like. It also shows them that students from all walks of life can attend universities like this so it gives them the motivation to aim for it.”

Students gave good feedback from the trip, including:

What did you learn that you did not know before?

“At university you can study abroad and you get financial support.”

“I learnt that not all people who go to university are the same and that different courses use different ways of teaching.”

Has this trip made you think differently about your future options?

“Yes, as there are so many different courses.”

“Yes, it made me want to go to university even more.”

“Yes, because it can be fun and easily affordable with support.”

“It made me more excited about university and showed that I need to choose my options carefully.”

“Yes, I’m thinking about going to university now because I didn’t know how interesting it was before.”

“Yes, because university seems like a good option for the future as there are many opportunities and courses to choose from.”