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Two Weeks to Go: Revision Advice From TCA’s Head of ICT and Business

There are only two weeks to go until the start of GCSEs and over the last few weeks, our Heads of Department have been sharing revision advice in the countdown to exams.

Dr Trevor Jones, Faculty Head of Computer Science, Business and ICT, is the latest to offer advice, saying: “It is important in the exam not to answer questions using words such as ‘stuff’, ‘things’, ‘it’, when referring to specific technology. Be specific, and refer to the components or devices explicitly to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and the keywords, and to ensure you get the marks. Learn the keywords!
“Practice the mock exam questions. Work in pairs and bounce questions off each other at every opportunity to keep your knowledge fresh.
“There are many good video resources online and sites such as BBC Bitesize that you can access on your phones/devices.
“All lesson resources are on SharePoint – use them to help with topics you are not so familiar with.
“Be sure to know your exam dates and be on time. Answer all questions regardless of whether you are unsure. Try your best!”

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Year 11s have been having weekly assemblies in the build up to exams. Here's the latest motivational video: