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Appeals Procedure

Year 7 Entry Appeals

For more information on appeals, see the county council's website

September 2024 admissions - deadlines for appeal applications:

t is expected that all admission appeals coordinated by the Local Authority will be virtual appeal hearings only, using Microsoft Teams. This process will allow representation from both School and Appellant, to attend the hearing and present their arguments. We will continue to update this message and our process, as per government guidelines.

September entry transition appeals will be heard from May through to July on weekdays, during term-time only.

If you lodge your appeal after the appeal submission deadlines below, it might not be possible to hear your appeal until after the start of the new school year in September.

Appeal Submission Deadlines

28 March 2023 – Secondary Transition Appeals Submission Deadline

Appeal timeline for late and in-year applications

Following the receipt of a late or in-year offer of a school place, parents have the right to appeal for a place at a school where they have been refused a place.

Upon the receipt of a completed appeal form, the appellant will be sent a letter of acknowledgement within 10 school days.

Upon the receipt of a completed appeal form, the appellant will be sent a letter of acknowledgement within 10 school days (see section - 'what happens after I submit an appeal').

Read more on the appeals procedure.

Cambridgeshire County Council
Norfolk County Council

Appeals for In-Year Applications

These appeals concern applications made after the first day of the Academic year. These appeals concern applications for a school place in all year groups. Appeals for in-year applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

Further Appeals

Appellants do not have the right to a second appeal in respect of the Academy for the same academic year unless, in exceptional circumstances, the Academy has accepted a second application from the appellant. This will be because of a significant and material change in the circumstances of the parent, child or Academy. However, this appeal will be dealt with separately from any other appeal and the circumstances of the appeal dealt with by the appeals panel accordingly. However, the applicant may still be refused admission. Appellants may apply for a place in the Academy in respect of a later academic year and have a further right of appeal if that application is unsuccessful.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding Appeals please contact the Academy.