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Thomas Clarkson Academy is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same.

We promote positive values and behaviour and encourage everyone to cooperate with and respect others as well as themselves. The emphasis is on choice – pupils are taught the consequences of their behaviour and are encouraged to take responsibility for it.



Black - Slim/Straight Fit.

Business material, typically the same fabric as the Blazer.

No Elasticated/Stretchy material.

Not leggings/jeggings/Jeans/brushed cotton.

Not cropped in length, must touch shoes with ease.


Optional, but if chosen must be:

Made of Business Material, typically, the same fabric as the Blazer. 

Not elasticated/stretchy material/skin-tight.

Skimming above the kneecap (within 1inch).


Formal, Plain white.

Worn tucked into trousers/skirt.


Business Material with standard TCA logo.


Optional, but if worn must be:

V-neck Knitted.

Not sweatshirt material/Not branded.

Plain black.

Optional with TCA logo.

Jumpers are not an alternative to the Blazer.


TCA branded tie.

Worn at full length to cover all shirt buttons.


Black (polishable).

Flat heeled.

Trainers, Canvas shoes, Boots of any length are not permitted. 


Small stud earrings (one stud in each ear).

One ring.

One watch (Smartwatches are not permitted).

No bracelets or necklaces are permitted.


Facial Piercings:

One small discrete nose stud.

No hoops, studs, bars, chains, cuffs to be worn in the nose, septum, lip, cheek, eyebrows.

Make Up:

Must be discrete and natural.

No stick-on lashes.


Natural nail colour/neutral tones are acceptable.

Neon colours/Gemstones/Brightly coloured/significant nail art is not permitted.

Nails of significant length:

Are a risk to safety and worn at your own risk.

If damage is caused by a person wearing false nails, they will be expected to have the nails removed. 

Participation in PE is mandatory. If the length of the nails prevents participation, you will be expected to have them removed.

Engagement in practical subjects, Art, DT, Food Technology is mandatory. If the length of the nails prevents participation/engagement, they will be expected to have them removed. 

Hair Style:

Hairstyles must be suitable for a business environment.

Students must always look presentable and tidy.

Elaborate patterns shaved into the hair, or excessive use of gel/spray to maintain an elaborate style will not be accepted.

Hair Colour:

Hair colour should be suitable for a business environment. 

Hair that is dyed a colour that could not be grown naturally, will not be permitted. Hair will be expected to be returned to a suitable colour with urgency.

  • Navy blue polo shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Outer garment (reversible Multi-Sport Top with our logo)
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms or black sports leggings
  • Navy game socks, long

No logos other than TCA logo.  


Anti-bullying & Internet safety