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Thomas Clarkson Academy is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same.

We promote positive values and behaviour and encourage everyone to cooperate with and respect others as well as themselves. The emphasis is on choice – pupils are taught the consequences of their behaviour and are encouraged to take responsibility for it.

Behaviour Policy

  • Narrative

• Thomas Clarkson Academy is a community of learners. Our school ethos of ‘Ambition for All’, demands we have the highest expectations of our students as they grow academically and personally to become the successful young people we know they can become.

• In order to achieve the excellence, we expect from all our learners we have a very simple system of rewards and sanctions to guide our students.

  • Classroom based

Central to our Behaviour for Learning policy is our belief that being in lessons, learning effectively, is the single most important factor in a student being successful. This means we promote and protect this space for all learners. Every lesson is a community of learners and we expect our students to respect our staff, the learning environment and also each other.

  • Behaviour in Learning
  • You come to lessons prepared with the appropriate equipment
  • You begin tasks in a timely manner – usually within 2 minutes
  • You complete all work to the best of your ability striving to be the best you can be
  • You make a positive contribution to the lesson including asking and answering questions, listening to others ideas and challenging yourself.
  • You follow classroom discussion by looking at the member of the class who is talking – e.g. a fellow student or teacher and actively listen.
  • Behaviour Expectations 
  • You take responsibility for your own learning journey
  • You accept responsibility for your own choices and actions  - (This is about independent learning opportunities – challenging yourself rather than coasting along)
  • You have your achievements, academic or otherwise recognised
  • You can access all rewards, post cards, trips etc
  • You have examples of work and achievements displayed in the classrooms and around the school.
  • Rewards

• The rewards system for green cards is as follows:

  • 500 points = Bronze lapel badge
  • 1000 points = Silver lapel badge
  • 2000 points = Gold lapel badge
  • 4000 points = Platinum lapel badge and £50 voucher
  • The core value rewards are as follows:
  • Creativity:

• Excellent use of imagination in class/homework, awarded by teacher.

• Do a presentation on something important to you in form time.

• Demonstrate the ability to be creative in a practical setting, sports, arts, ICT etc, signed off by teacher.

  • Integrity

• 10 members of staff sign to say that you are consistently courteous and polite and a good role model.

• Volunteer to be a community prefect.

• Raise over £200 for a charity of your choice.

  • Dedication

• Complete a term (12 school weeks) of regular attendance at after-school clubs (includes Year 11 interventions)

• Agree a development subject with PL, set appropriate targets and work on achieving those. Targets signed off by PL.

• Complete 100% attendance over a whole school year.

  • Teamwork

• Train regularly/compete with the school teams over a whole term.

• Complete an excellent piece of group work, awarded by class teacher.

• Do a group presentation in a year group assembly.

  • Excellence

• Produce an outstanding piece of class/homework, awarded by teacher.

• Working above thresholds in 5 subject areas, signed off by raising standards leader.

• Consistently perform at a high level in school or out of school for a sporting team or be involved in a school production.

  • School detention

• Detentions will be held Monday to Friday evenings starting at 15:00 and finishing at 15:30 and held in the year group community.

  • Isolation – community removal

• This is our most serious sanction before exclusion.

• Isolation can also be used for specific, serious issues

• Letter (similar to exclusion letter)

• 08:30 to 16:30. Arrive via attendance entrance. No school interaction

• Daily share isolation list with staff

• Failing Isolation = meeting with family

• Further sanction

  • Restorative Conversation

• This is an expectation from staff

• After issuing a Red Card – you will have a restorative conversation with the student.

• Note – the expectation is that the conversation takes place no more than one week of issuing the Red card

• You can collect students from detention and/or at any place of your choice.

  • Reports

• Weekly cards – Tutor, Students Services, Raising Standards Leader, SLT.

• Completion tracked by student services

TCA Expectations –

T – Treat everyone with respect.

What does respect mean?

  • Consideration
  • Empathy
  • Manners
  • Pride
  • Understanding
  • Tolerance

C -Come into school on time and fully equipped ready to learn, wear the correct uniform and have your planner.


  • Preparation
  • Uniform
  • Focus
  • Ambition
  • Punctuality

A - Act immediately on All instructions given by a member of staff.

Unacceptable behaviours

  • Fighting
  • Incorrect uniform
  • Lack of work
  • Defiance
  • Swearing
  • Truancy
  • Low level disruption
  • Smoking
  • Vandalism

TCA uniform expectations

Boy’s uniform:

Academy blazer and tie
White shirt – top button to be fastened
Black trousers – NO jeans or skinny trousers
Plain black belt - NO branded logos
Black plain shoes - NO trainers

Girl’s uniform:

Academy blazer and tie

White shirt – top button to be fastened
Black or natural tights/socks
Black trousers – NO jeans or skinny trousers
Knee Length Skirt – NO mini or tight skirts
Black plain shoes – NO trainers

Boy’s and Girl’s PE/dance kit:

Navy academy polo shirt
Multi-sport academy top
Navy/black tracksuit bottoms or shorts
Plain black/navy or white socks
For Dance only – plain black leggings or jogging bottoms

NO to:

Facial piercings
Dark mark-up
Dark nail polish

Yes to:

Arrive and leave in full school uniform

Anti-bullying & Internet safety

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