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Humanities Faculty

In this section, the Humanities department provides an overview of the KS3 and KS4 curriculum and resources to aid revision and support progress.

Department Contacts



Mrs C Abrahams (HCA)

Head of Humanities

Mr S Titchmarsh (HST)

Head of Geography

Mrs V Boldero (HVB)

Head of RE & PSHE

Miss K Bowen (HKB)

Year 11 Edexcel History lead teacher

Mrs I Newell  (HIN)

Year 11 AQA History lead teacher

Miss L Buckenham (ZLB)

HLTA Humanities

Mrs L Sandy (HLS)

Teacher of History

Mrs J Maraschin (HJM)

KS5 History lead teacher

Mrs L Sansam (HLA)

Teacher of History

Mr T Myers (HTM)

Teacher of Geography

Mr B Arrowsmith (YBA)

Teacher of Humanities

Mr M Dobbing (HMD)

Teacher of Geography/Assistant Principal

Mr R Scott (HRS)

Teacher of History/ Senior Vice Principal


Every term, all students complete a minimum of two pieces of work which are marked in detail with teacher’s explicitly explaining to students their strengths and areas of improvement. One of these pieces of work will be a common assessment. This means that all students complete the same task within the same week of school in quiet working conditions so that we can monitor what they are able to do independently and we use this data to inform our progress reports.

Homework for all year groups is set on ‘Show My Homework’ and is designed to support and develop the learning that is taking place in our classrooms in relation to our Schemes of Learning and to support literacy.  KS3 homework is set on a bi-weekly basis and should take 30 minutes to complete. KS4 and KS5 homework is set on a weekly basis and should take approximately 60 minutes.

Humanities Curriculum
We work very hard to ensure that all members of our students acquire the knowledge and skills required for a successful and fulfilling future. Our curriculum is designed to help students to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, to feel valued and value others and to appreciate the world at large.

Please see our subject curriculum pages for further details.