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Teenage boys in particular are at risk of sextortion, but what is the process the criminals might go through?  

1) Connect with a teenager using one of the social media apps or games 

2) Encourage them to move onto a platform with video, possibly encrypted

3) Start a conversation which quickly turns sexual

4) Encourage them to put on their video camera 

5) The criminal usually posing as a teenage girl either makes excuses why their camera isn't working or possibly even uses a pre-recorded video

6) The teenager is encouraged to remove their clothing or to perform intimate activity 

7) The criminal makes a recording made of the activity 

8) Blackmail statement made 


To find out more about this new phenomena please follow the link below: 


Cyber Security Resources for Young People - Parent Zone

The issues around cyber security, have featured heavily in safeguarding discourse over the past few years. This is largely in response to the massive shift in people's social and familial life from the real world, to the digital space. It is vital that we begin teaching children and young people, the do's and don'ts of online safety before they have to learn the hard way. Parent Zone, an organisation that deals with the digital aspect of young people's lives have produced child oriented resources to this end. To find out more about these resources, please follow the link below: