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School Uniform

 Summer 2023 Ordering Information

Ordering deadlines:

  • For home delivery, the deadline for ordering uniform is the 1st August at the very latest to guarantee delivery for September.

The availability of all sizes for orders placed after this date cannot be guaranteed.

Order Information

Thomas Clarkson Academy uniform can be ordered online direct from our supplier. Please note that delivery to school is not currently available.

Click here to view the new parents' guide to the online ordering system.

School Uniform Guidelines

Our ethos and expectations  

Our standards at TCA are high and it is these standards that deliver the amazing culture, behaviour and results that we celebrate each year. We ask for parents/carers to give their full support in helping us to achieve our high standards. 

Uniform Expectations: September 2023-2024 



Black - Slim/Straight Fit  

Business material, typically the same fabric as the Blazer 

  • No Elasticated/Stretchy material 

  • No Leggings/Jeggings/Jeans/brushed cotton/Sports wear 

  • No Cropped trousers 


Optional, but if chosen must be  

  • Skimming above the kneecap (2 Inches) 

  • Made of Business Material, typically, the same fabric as the Blazer.  

  • Elasticated/Stretchy material/Skin tight/Tube style are not permitted 


Formal, Plain white 

  • Worn tucked into trousers/skirt 


Business Material with standard TCA logo 

  • Blazers are to be consistently worn unless you are advised it is a “No Blazer Day”: Typically due to hot weather. 

  • When Blazers are removed they are not to be carried around the Academy, they are to be placed into lockers. 


Optional, but if worn must be: 

  • V-neck & Knitted  

  • Plain black or With TCA logo 

  • Sweatshirt material/Sports branding is not permitted 

  • Jumpers are not an alternative to the Blazer 


TCA branded tie. 

  • Worn at full length to cover all shirt buttons 

Shoes / Trainers 



Plain black shoes : No colour no embellishments, Flat heeled 

Plain black trainers: Black sole, Black laces NO Coloured logos/Coloured stitching 

Boots of any length are not permitted  

Please Note: 

Protective shoe covering will be offered if footwear is considered a risk in the DT classrooms. 


Black or White ankle socks  

  • Knee high or thigh high sock are not permitted 

  • Ribbons/Bows are not permitted 

  • Lace inserts are not permitted 

  • Embellishments on sock are not permitted 


Small stud earrings (one stud in each ear) 

One ring 

One watch 

Bracelets or Necklaces are not permitted 

Facial Piercings: 

One small discrete nose stud 

No hoops, studs, bars, chains, cuffs to be worn in the nose, septum, lip, cheek, eyebrows,  

Make Up 

Must be discrete and natural 

No strip/stick on lashes 


Natural nail colour/neutral tones are acceptable 

Neon colours/Gemstones/Brightly coloured/significant nail art is not permitted 

Nails of significant length  

Are a risk to safety and worn at your own risk.  

If damage is caused by a person wearing false nails, they will be expected to have the nails removed.  

Participation in PE is mandatory. If the length of the nails prevents participation, you will be expected to have them removed. 

Engagement in practical subjects, Art, DT, Food Technology is mandatory. If the length of the nails prevents participation/engagement, they will be expected to have them removed.  

Hair Style 

Hair styles must be suitable for a business environment.  

Students must always look presentable and tidy. 

Elaborate patterns shaved into the hair, or excessive use of gel/spray to maintain an elaborate style will not be accepted. 

Hair Colour 

Hair colour should be suitable for a business environment.  

Hair that is dyed a colour that could not be grown naturally, will not be permitted. Hair will be expected to be returned to a suitable colour with urgency. 

No baseball caps or hoodies are allowed on site.

Students should have a plain coat for cold weather. 

Purchasing Uniform

Certain items are available to purchase through our uniform supplier — all other items can be bought in supermarkets/High Street shops etc.

Working with families from our school community we have identified suitable trousers for girls, available from well known retailers. This is because parents shared with us that sometimes retailers sell girls school trousers which don't meet our expectations.

Because not all the recommended examples from retailers have shops in the local area we keep examples of all recommended trousers in reception and you are welcome to come and view them.

We check links regularly, but if you find any of these items are out of stock, please inform us as we endeavour to keep this list updated.

If ordering online is a problem, please get in touch so that we can support you with your purchases.

Recommendations for Girls Trousers. Last updated August 2023

Marks & Spencer - 2pk Girls' Slim Leg School Trousers (2-18 Yrs) - £11.00-£17.00

Sainsbury's - Black Woven Reinforced Knee Trousers 4 Pack - 11 years - £22.00


School Tie

Students also wear a tie of their Learning Community colours. A video showing how to tie your tie correctly is available below.