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Science Department

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P. Raj

Head of Department

S. Tarsitano

Director of STEM

KS3 Science Curriculum

The course follows and extends the coverage of the National curriculum through the new Pearson Exploring Science programme of study. We aim to involve the students in the processes of Science as well as the content.

Year 7 builds on the primary school experience and re-introduces the basic tools, units and techniques of the subject. During the remainder of Years 7 and 8 the Key Stage 3 course follows a modular pattern designed to cover all the required elements of National Curriculum Science in an interesting, relevant, modern and fun way.

Students are required to work in a variety of ways during the course, including making notes, listening, observing, following written and verbal instructions, report writing, and there is an increasing importance on the planning and carrying out of the students own investigations. We expect a high level of personal organisation, which includes students bringing their books, a pen, a pencil and ruler to each lesson and students are also expected to organise and share equipment and keep control of their desk area when doing practical work.

Assessment and Homework

Assessment takes place throughout the course using a variety of methods. Knowledge and understanding are assessed through written work done in class, during discussion and by teacher observation as well as through formal end of topic tests. All students are assessed by written task and practical investigation skills so that we can build up a picture of their performance overall, not just in tests.

The majority of homework in KS3 Science this year will be a homework booklet. Homework will also include revision for the end of topic tests once a term.

The Key Stage 3 work is the foundation for one of the two routes through to GCSE in Science which students can follow.

KS4 Science Curriculum

Key Stage 4 work takes place over 3 years and begins in year 9.

Students progress through 2 possible routes to the final qualifications in Science; the Edexcel Triple Science Award and the Edexcel Combined Science course. These are to cater for those students who have a real interest in Science and are likely to progress onto an ‘A’ Level in Science at post-16 (Triple) and the remainder who follow the Combined award course.

Assessment and Homework

Assessment takes place throughout the course using a variety of methods. Knowledge, understanding and practical skills are assessed through written work done in class, and are marked formatively. Summative assessments take place at the end of each topic and are graded. Throughout various points of the year extended mock exam assessments will take place. These are again graded and used to identify students final exam entry, either foundation or higher.

Homework is an integral and important part of the work in KS4 Science. It is set regularly and is expected to be completed on time. Tasks are set online through ‘Educake’ to consolidate learning, as well as revision tasks in the run up to end of unit exams and mock exams.

Revision Resources:

  • BBC Bitesize provides valuable information on KS3 and KS4 texts
  • CGP KS4 and GCSE revision guides (Available on sale through the dept.)
  • GCSEPod, Educake and Active Learn can be used for independent revision as well as homework

The science department has created a number of resources to help with your science revision