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Social Sciences

Year 1 (Year 12)
A Level Psychology

Year 2 (Year 13)
A Level Psychology

Topics covered with Year 12 Psychology include the following:

Social Influence:
Obedience, compliance and minority vs. majority

Approaches in Psychology:
Behaviourism, cognitive, psychodynamic, humanist, biological

Types of attachment, effects of attachment on adult behaviour, maternal deprivation

Types of memory, reasons for forgetting, accuracy of eyewitness testimony

Research Methods:
Part 1: Experimental method
- Scientific approaches to conducting psychological research

Part 2: Scientific processes
- How to set up studies, how to apply them to the general public

Part 3: Data handling and analysis
- Statistical analysis of data

Topics covered within Year 13 Psychology include the following:

- Abnormal behaviours, OCD, phobias, depression, treatment options, CBT etc.  

Impact of the body on psychological
behaviour including neurotransmitters, hormones and genetic inheritance.

Issues and Debates:
- Free will vs determinism, individual vs collective.

- Attraction, what makes you attractive to others, maintenance of relationships, breakdown of relationships, why don’t relationships last, para-socialism, online dating, rules of engagement.


- Evolutionary reasons why we are aggressive, advantages of being aggressive, impact of media and online, de-individualisation,


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Philosophy and Ethics

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