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Student Services

The Student Services team offer pastoral, medical and wellbeing care to all students across the Academy and organises different events and interventions for students.  There is a Student Support Officer for each year group, managed and coordinated by Mr Siracusano, who is Assistant Principal for Behaviour, Attendance, Personal Development & Welfare. 

To contact Student Services please email


Student Services Team
Mr J Siracusano - Assistant Principal for Behaviour, Attendance, Personal Development & Welfare
Miss M Hewitt - Year 7 Student Support
Mrs T Holland - Year 8 Student Support
Mrs C Worrallo - Year 9 Student Support
Mrs D Stebbing - Year 10 Student Support
Miss B Lee - Year 11 Student Support
Mrs T Holland - Mental Health Intervention Student Support


Visit the Behaviour page for more details on TCA expectations and uniform expectations.