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Geography department launches Geogglebox

Geogglebox has been launched by the geography department to encourage students to tune in to TV shows which could support their learning. 

Staff have drawn up a schedule of geography-related programmes which students are encouraged to watch with their parents, carers or siblings.   

Starting with the week commencing June 8th, today’s suggestions are: 

  • 2pm on Yesterday: Planet Earth (6/11) – Camera crews follow the activities of wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctic, including an emperor penguin colony’s nine-month migration across sea ice to its breeding grounds. 

  • 7pm on Channel 5: The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys: New Zealand (5/10) – The train travels 423 miles along the North Island through some of the most astonishing landscapes of the southern hemisphere; from volcanoes to coasts and from lava fields to unspoilt islands. 

Mrs Clifford, Head of Geography, said: "Geography is more than just what we learn in lessons, and there has never been a better opportunity for us to explore more of the world around us. Watching these programmes can inspire and insight passion into a topic we may not cover in the classroom, but will contain fundamental geographical knowledge that will complement and reinforce what we do in lessons.

"If you happen to catch a programme, please discuss it with your geography teacher and class. This is also a great opportunity for families to sit down and explore the world around them!" 

Most programmes are available on catch up. 

Geogglebox: Week commencing June 15th

Geogglebox: Week commencing June 22nd

Geogglebox: Week commencing June 29th

Geogglebox: Week commencing July 6th